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I once owned an entire beach

…. Just kidding! Pero parang ganun na rin yung feeling.

I went to Ternate together with my friends, Ate Djy, Ate Fae, Charm Aya, Daven, Ate Adonai and Bea for Bea’s travelogue. It’s her part in my block’s magazine, Hitch. Naki-hitch lang rin kami. It was one of the most memorable road trip ever! I have never seen such beauty before. The way to Boracay de Cavite was really fascinating. On our way to the said beach, we saw Puerto Azul, such a beauty! I’m very lucky to be invited at parang gusto kong bumalik. I can hardly explain how relaxing the trip was. It was cold, everything’s green, very therapeutic. Pagdating namin sa place, we were surprised that there are no tourists to get acquainted with pero ok lang kasi nasolo naming yung beach. From Boracay de Cavite, we can see El Fraile. Dapat nga, dadalhin kami dun nung isang taga military pero bumabagyo. We were also supposed to climb a mountain to take a photo of the entire beach, but it was raining cats and dogs and it’s dangerous. Pumunta na lang kami sa batuhan tapos nagpaagos sa daloy ng alon na mas malaki pa sa tao. That scared the hell out of me. I stumbled a lot of times until I learned how to manage the surf. With all the stress and pressure that we’re facing, we really needed a break and Boracay de Cavite was the break that I needed. Now, I need to get rid of these tan lines for the graduation pictorial. :)

Intramuros Rising

August 2, 2014

I was looking for something that I can write about for my block’s magazine, Hitch when I saw NCCA’s wall post about an indie music festival in Intramuros. As a probinsyana, I don’t really like going out of my comfort zone. So, I offered my friends the topic, pero ayaw nila hahaha. This one’s a really good idea so, I took the risk. The thing is, may depekto ang sense of direction ko. Yes, naligaw ako. Kaasar. Haha.Thank God there are lots of good people out there. A pedicab driver helped me out. Wala palang may alam sa Baluarte Plan Luneta de Sta. Isabel. Sabi ng mga guards, ‘dun lang daw sa may Clamshell or whatever they call that. I arrived 3 hours earlier and it sucked. Hahaha I waited, of course pero I’m very lucky to witness the event. It started out with a few hosts reciting their spiels tapos they introduced their first act, RJ Ilano. He’s a soloist, but he brought a band to accompany him. He was dubbed as askal by the event’s Supremo, Jeremy Lopez dahil daw wala s’yang iisang genre lang. He said that he can pretty much sing all sorts of music genre and I still don’t get the relationship between the two. Anyway, he was followed by Cedula Band. They are from PLM and most of their songs are influenced by their love for the country. Their songs are about Bonifacio, Rizal and The Philippines itself. I can still remember the tune of their first song, Libro ng Kahirapan. Matindi ang retention nung kanta. Their songs kind of unleashed the patriotic side of me, and I think that it’s a good thing. Pero syempre they’re not just all about social issues, they also performed two love songs. The first one was Pantasya. When they performed that song, I felt like listening to Silent Sanctuary and Parokya ni Edgar all at the same time. The feeling also was eerie. Ang galing nila!

 The next set was performed by Ang Bandang PAT or simply, PAT. They’re an instrumental band that rocked the audience’s asses out. We even screamed for more! It felt like being in an action movie. Nakakabuhay ng dugo ang tugtugin nila. Malakas ang bass at ang sarap sa tenga ng guitars. Ear-gasm talaga.

Soil and Geen followed PAT. They were dubbed as Incubus Manila by the hosts mainly because they do sound like Incubus. And I don’t think that it’s a bad thing. Ang mahalaga, they gave us a buwis buhay performance. Bigla kasing lumakas yung ulan nung sila na yung nagperform. I was positioned right in front of them and got the chance to take some great photos. Nagkataon lang that we had to place ourselves somewhere safe. Pumunta kami sa tents tapos namigay sila ng EPs. Pinagsisisihan kong umalis ako dun. Huhu


So I returned to my spot and took more photos. I love my shots with Head Playback. I like their music kaso hindi ko marinig yung vocals. There’s something wrong with the mic na kasi that time kaya pati yung Audio Drive Thru na namigay ng stickers, hindi rin namin narinig yung vocals, But, music wise, they’re all good.


We had a little break from rock and roll when Gnarlydork did rap. He was followed by two representatives from Women’s Business Hiphop.


Syempre hindi mawawala ang Reggae. We were lucky to watch Mellow Submarine performed. They came all the way from Puerto Galero just to perform for us. Another reggae band performed called Engkanto. Puro sila may dread lux. Hahaha ang cute. They’re great. They know how to connect with the audience. I was actually surprised when people from behind me started singing along with them tapos nalaman kong most of the artists and audience are a part of Circulo Musikero.

Anyway, sumunod yung Brisom. They were nominated in the 2014 Yahoo Emerging Artist. Kinunan nila kami ng pictures at naghagis ng EPs. Wala na naman akong nakuha huhu. Hindi ko na sasabihin kung ga’no sila kagaling. Nasabi ko bang sobrang galing nila? Haha

Sinundan sila ng Leo and the Tolstoys. According to their facebook account, they’re a genre-less and/or experimental band. I can’t really tell. They performed past one o’clock in the morning and I was really tired. So, I literally slept on the wall at wala akong nakuhang pictures. When they finished, I woke up because of the next set, Saving the Dying Hope. A lot actually were waiting for them. Nasabi ko bang metalcore or hard core or scream sila? Yes, ‘dun ako nagising. Medyo naawa ako sa vocalist nila, kasi he had to drink water every time a song ends. Hindi ako nakakuha ng magagandang shots kasi ang pangit ng lighting nila huhu.

There were also performances from Michelle Manese, Slac Cayamanda, Louise Meets, Abby Orbeta, Zuela Herrera, and Cheryl Salvador of Words Anonymous.


The final act was performed of the 2013 Jack Daniel’s Chosen 1 band, Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus. Alas tres lang naman ng medaling araw sila nagperform. What a great spot for a Horror Rock/Theatrical Macabre band, which kind of makes me feel chilly right now.

After their first song, my friend and I took off kasi medyo natakot kami…. not because of their music- well, medyo- but it’s also because we still need to find a way to get back home. We ended up eating at McDonald’s. That was my first meal for the day. Hindi ako kumain ng breakfast, lunch and dinner. Is it weird if I say that I forgot to eat? Anyway, hinanap namin yung terminal at naligaw kami. Medyo nagpaikot ikot kami until we found the terminal na hindi pa bukas at that time. So, we waited until 5:30 am para makauwi.

Meet Tori, my new buddy.

Meet Tori, my new buddy.

A sense of nationalism: The Philippines has no such thing

Interview with Rai Cruz, Blic and Lamok


Ang lungkot ko kanina. Nag-exam ako habang wala ako sa mood. Ang lungkot ko kanina habang nasa klase ng Design In Film. Halos ayoko ng magsalita kanina. Hindi ko rin maipaliwanag kung bakit. Siguro senyales na ‘yun para ipaalala sa’kin na maghinay-hinay muna, may oras para sa lahat, ‘wag masyadong mag-isip dahil magiging ayos lang ang lahat. Naramdaman ko’ng nagreboot ang sistema ko. Naramdaman kong nabawasan yung bigat na dala ko, yung karga sa utak ko. May lugar na ulit para sa mga bagong bagay. May kakayahan na ulit akong tumanggap ng biyaya at hamon. 

Chuck Lorre Productions, Vanity Card #196

My Soul’s Journey

To let go of the fear and anger which imprisons my heart,
To relinquish all childish expectations and live joyfully in the world as it is —
not as I wish or imagine it to be,
To be free of the always craven and ever-craving ego,
To be released from the endless hungers of the body,
To see God in others, 
To see God in everything,
To die without death and merge my consciousness into the
cosmic sea of bliss from which I came, 
To crank out two sitcoms a week that can compete 
with a deaf chick dancing her ass off…
This is my soul’s journey.

Waiting For The End by Linkin Park
I find their music video very creative. Hindi nagtipid sa editing. Video wise, sobrang ganda nya. Samahan mo pa ng napakagandang kanta. Panalo talaga. Been playing this for forever

Waiting For The End by Linkin Park

I find their music video very creative. Hindi nagtipid sa editing. Video wise, sobrang ganda nya. Samahan mo pa ng napakagandang kanta. Panalo talaga. Been playing this for forever

July 11, 2014

Lasallian Youth Summit (Morning batch)

July 16, 2014

Nagising ako sa sigawan ng nanay ko at ate ko.

"Ne, kunin mo yung martilyo!!"

"Sa’n nakalagay, Ma!?"

"Nasa ilalim ng double deck! bilisan mo!"

Nagpapanic ang mga tao habang masarap akong natutulog kahit walang kuryente. Ang lamig pa rin kasi tsaka ang sarap sa tenga ng tunog ng ulan. Nagulantang ako sa tunog ng mga yerong binibitbit. Mas pinili kong magising at tingnan ang mga nangyayari. Nagulat naman ako ng very slight sa naging hitsura ng bahay namin. Puro putik, basa ang sahig, maraming bagay sa sala na hindi naman sa amin. Nakita ko yung dalawang batang kapit bahay namin sa sala at naglalaro. Pagbaba ko ng hagdan, napansin kong hindi lang pala sila yung tao sa ground floor namin. Ang daming naka-bota at nakajacket. Nagrerescue na pala sila Mama ng mga tao sa subdivision namin. Nalaman kong ang dami palang niliparan ng bubong. Isa na nga dun sila Yvan (yung batang nasa 1st picture). Sa pagkakaalala ko, pangalawang beses na nilang nabuwalan ng bubong. Natrauma ata yung kapatid nyang baby kasi hindi nagsasalita, nakatulala at paminsan-minsang umiiyak. Basa ang lahat ng gamit nila. Buti na lang at naagapan kagad nila Mama kaya natulungang maglikas ng mga gamit. Buti na lang pala nakapagtraining sila Mama sa organization nila tungkol sa pagrerescue. Tinawagan ni Mama yung mga kasamahan n’ya para tulungan yung iba. 

Hindi na umuulan ng malakas ngayon, ambon na lang. Hindi na rin malakas ang hangin kaya nilulubos na ng mga tao ang pag-aayos ng mga bubong nila. Wala naman ngayon sa bahay si Mama kasi nagrerescue sa ibang lugar. 

Medyo nakakatakot kasi ngayon lang naputol yung punong mangga na nasa picture. Sobrang lakas ng hangin at matindi yung buhos ng ulan kagabi. Hindi ko lang talaga inaasahan na maraming mabubuwalan ng bubong. Buti na lang at walang nadali ng mga flying bubong. Sa ngayon, wala namang napaano.


Nagbe-baby sit ako sa mga kapit bahay naming bata kaya hindi ako makatulong sa pagrerescue.

Stop telling people what to do. They have their own journeys. Stick to yours.

Hindi mahalaga kung saan ka galing. Ang mahalaga ay kung saan mo balak makarating.